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Partnerships - 1step2win

We work with a number of business partners who supplement our offerings with added services.

We know we canít be experts in everything. But we see it as our obligation to offer you everything you need, and to engage the best experts to solve your specific needs.


Roletailors.com is an independent IT Consulting Company specialized in services around the RoleTailored User Experience for the Microsoft Dynamics platform. Our services are built and focused around Usability and User-Centered Design for Business Management Applications/ERP. We have a strong experience in Business Process and IT optimization projects and can assist companies in various IT Strategy projects and implementation management. We are working with certified Microsoft Dynamics ISVs and Microsoft Dynamics Partners to serve their customers based on teamwork and professional relationships.


1ClickFactory is an outsourcing development partner for Microsoft Dynamics partners around the world. We serve partners with high-quality and highly productive Microsoft Dynamics development services as well as work closer together in marketing and sales to help partners grow their Dynamics business. 1ClickFactory Dynamics specialists and business leaders have developed high knowledge of what makes a Dynamics partner successful that enable us to be a valuable business development partner for our partners worldwide.


Connecting Cubes for IT is focusing on platforms and services that help make communication in company networks more efficient. A particular focus is Microsoft and Microsoft partners. Special competencies include communication consultancy (especially for Microsoft partners) and role-based communication with Insights.


Sachse Consulting is an independent global business partner for ISVs who want to expand internationally and for ISVs / VARs who want to sell more. With special focus on the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem we can help accelerate the sale of your solution(s); it can be by expanding your sales channel outside of your existing country, establishing your own subsidiaries or building an effective partner channel. We can also assist you in certifying your solution for Microsoft Dynamics, and make sure that you, and your reselling partners, take advantage of all the benefits of the certification.


Website Doctors makes sure your online marketing delivers business results. In order to do so, we create a plan that maps your online marketing to your business goals. We also write English SEO friendly web copy and create videos and other web content based on the plan. Whether youíre building a new site or refreshing an existing one, the plan and content ensures that you end up with a site that actually benefits your business and has specific calls-to-action. Sometimes, for various practical reasons, however, you may just want a particular piece of online content done independently of the web plan. For this reason, we offer a variety of content, both as part of the web plan and separately.


Make every presentation and demo compelling. Develop the right presentations that bring out all your offering's strong points and demos that show why it's not a matter of whether the customer can afford your solution, but if they can afford NOT to have it.


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